“Never Forget Stray Animals in the Outbreak” Call by Vodafone Turkey Foundation

Operating with the aim of pioneering social change and development, Vodafone Turkey Foundation made the call to help stray animals to those who spend their days at home within the scope of the measures taken against the coronavirus outbreak. Publishing a video on the occasion of April 4 World Stray Animals Day, the Foundation invites all animal lovers to feed stray animals remotely by using code-operated feeding machines developed by the participants of the “Coding Tomorrow” project. For this, it is enough to tweet with the tag #BuMamaBenden. With the project that Vodafone Turkey Foundation implemented 2 years ago, hundred of thousands of stray dogs are fed.

Noting that we are going through difficult days as a society, Vodafone Turkey Foundation Chairman Hasan Süel said:

“We are in a period when we need to act together as a society, to be in solidarity more than ever, to empathize, to help and to support each other. It is very important to stay at home in order to be protected from the outbreak and prevent its spread. We do not forget the stray animals these days when everyone retreated to their homes. We invite all animal lovers to support stray animals from their homes using our code-operated feeding machines that we have implemented as part of the “Coding Tomorrow” project. For this, it is enough to tweet with the tag #BuMamaBenden. We believe that we will overcome the coronavirus outbreak as soon as possible and with the least damage. ”


There are 13 machines in total


The students named Serhat Seval and Sudenaz Kınık who participated in the “Coding Tomorrow” project, which is implemented in collaboration of Vodafone Turkey Foundation and Habitat Association, from Kayseri developed an idea of a food machine that works with code with the training they have received under the mentorship of their voluntary trainer Melih Tan. With this idea implemented by the Vodafone Turkey Foundation, everyone can help the animals in the streets today. Today, there are 13 food machines.


Tweets are queued


It is enough to tweet with the #BuMamaBenden tag on Twitter in order to give food to stray animals with the code-operated feeding machine. The machine was coded in a way to give food if the food container is empty. With the tweet sent, the filling is done through the empty machine. If the food machine is full at all locations, the tweet is queued. When the container gets empty, the machine is activated with the next tweet, and the container is filled with food.

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