• Launched 9 years ago to protect women from violence

  • Downloaded 378,000 times - reaching 1,000 monthly users until today

  • You can download it for free from Apple Store and Google Play



  • We developed Easy Rescue app to support protecting women from violence and inform them about the fight against violence.

    The app was lastly updated to include training videos with a "Gender Equality" theme and a Violence Awareness Test. The new add-ins are designed to make women more aware of the different types of violence.

    Free download from the iOS and Android stores.

  • The Violence Awareness Test

    • Click the Home Page button.
    • Click the Take the Violence Awareness Test button, then click Start.
    • Here you'll see 5 questions about any form of violence. Choose the answers that are most relevant to you.
    • You will have a separate percentage for each answer.
    • After answering all the questions, click the See Test Results button to find out the information regarding the violence type related to the questions you answered.
    • Once you receive information, you can click the How Can I Get Support button and learn which institutions you should contact in case of this type of violence.
    • You can access information on the relevant form of violence by clicking on See Other Categories.
  • Gender Equality Videos

    You will see the Gender Equality video category at the bottom when you click on the Home Page button.

    When you click on the View Training Videos button, you will get 5 videos. The videos cover the following topics:

    1- What is Gender Equality?

    2- What are the results of gender equality? What does it change in our lives?

    3- What are the main differences between sex and gender?

    4- How do gender bias show up in business life?

    5- What can we do to achieve gender equality?

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