• Children learned how to code in 81 cities

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    Percentage of children who want to pursue software engineering in the future.

  • New ideas are powered by imagination.

    As part of the Coding Tomorrow project launched in partnership with the Habitat Foundation, we have been providing coding tutorials to children aged between 7-14 across Turkey since August 2016.

    The aim is to give the children an understanding of the four core values of the “Do It Yourself” culture: imagine, design, do and share. We believe this will make it possible to raise a generation that does not only “consume” but also “produces” technology”. The tutorials trigger the children’s imagination and allow them to transform their ideas into designs. In our tutorials, we use a program called “Scratch” developed by MIT, which is recognized as the best technical university of the world. “Scratch” allows the kids to get the gist of programming and do exercises release their creativity and build their fantasy world and design their own games.

  • Our coding tutorials have reached out to 280.000 children in 81 cities so far.

    49% of the Coding Tomorrow participants are girls. We also included the children of 200 hundred company employees in the program and provided them with tutorials in Istanbul and Ankara. In August 2017, we made the tutorials available to the children of BTK (Information and Communication Authority) employees and introduced 60 of them to coding. We continue to provide tutorials in 2018. We gave 750 children the opportunity to experience robotics through the 6 hackathons we have hosted. In February 2017, we started to include Syrian children in our country in our program and provided coding tutorials to approximately 750 refugee children in Şanlıurfa, Kilis and Istanbul. Girls constituted 62% of the children who participated in the tutorials delivered by 25 volunteer educators,10 of them being Syrian. We held a hackathon with the participation of 80 Syrian and 45 Turkish children. According to the results of the pre-tests and post-tests conducted as part of the tutorials, the number of children who want to be software developers increased from 23% to 50%.

    To achieve equality of opportunity in education, we went on a tour of Anatolia with a training truck to provide this opportunity to the children in socioeconomically disadvantaged regions who have difficulty in accessing coding tutorials. Our Training Truck “Coding Tomorrow” covered more than 6 thousand kilometers in 2018 and reached out to 3.700 children in 13 cities.

  • Green Planet:

    “Environmental and Disaster Awareness” Learning contents are designed to provide the teachers, students and, indirectly, parents with information and awareness on a range of topics including climate change, e-cycling, recycling, sustainability and climate-fueled disasters. Green Planet web site: https://yesilgezegen.yarinikodlayanlar.com/


  • Coding Tomorrow learning portal:

    As the society becomes more and more digital, there is a growing need for self-learning, development of new skills and digital literacy. This web-site created as part of the Coding Tomorrow project aims to grow digital literacy among children, young people and educators and help them develop new digital skills. Coding Tomorrow learning portal: https://yarinikodlayanlar.com/

  • Rural Schools:


    As part of this initiaitive, we built fully-equipped technology classes to enhance rural students’ access to technology. 60 teachers taking part in the program will deliver technology classes (coding among others) to 6 thousand students including those coming from the surrounding areas.

  • SkillsUpload Jr. program:

    Vodafone Turkey Foundation has joined 6 other Vodafone Foundations to improve digital literacy skills of the young people. SkillsUpload Jr. is a joint initiative of Turkey, Germany, Hungary, Netherlands, Portugal, Romania and Spain that aims to enable the students and educators to make the most of digital technologies in an innovative, creative and confident way.

I learn about the background of computer games. What I would like to say is, some day, humanity might come to an end but software programs never will.
Ahmet Sungur
11 Year Old Participant, Kayseri
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