• Coding training for 300,000 children in 81 cities

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    The rate of children saying "I plan to develop software in the future"

  • "We stand by the children in the earthquake zone with the "Coding Tomorrow Support Social Life" project.

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  • Our training in our "Coding Tomorrow" project continues online.

    You can apply for free if you want your children aged 7 to 14 to learn coding at home.

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  • Imagination is the source of new ideas.

    As a part of the 'Coding Tomorrow' project we started in collaboration with the Habitat Assocation, we have been providing coding training for children aged 7 to 14 all over Turkey since August 2016.

    Our aim is to inspire children with the four main values that form the basis of the "do-it-yourself" culture: Imagine, design, develop, share. This way, we believe it is possible to raise a generation that "produces technology" rather than "only consumes technology". Through our training, we stimulate children's imagination and enable them to design the ideas they dream of. Through the "Scratch" program developed for children by MIT, known as the world's best technical university, our children have an idea about programming, work on projects that will unleash their creativity, build their imagination and develop their own games.

  • More than 300.000 in 81 provinces have received coding training so far.

    Girls make up 51%of Coding Tomorrow participants. We also included the children of our company employees in our training and introduced coding to the children of 200 employees in Istanbul and Ankara.

    In August 2017, we offered training to the children of ICTA employees and provided 60 children with the opportunity to learn coding.

    Through 14 hackathons and idea marathons we organized, we enabled children to come up with innovative solutions to the problems they observe.

    Syrian children in our country have been included in our project since February 2017, and we provided coding training to nearly 1000 refugee children in Şanlıurfa, Kilis and Istanbul. We held trainings in Şanlıurfa with 25 volunteer trainers, 10 of whom were Syrian. Of those who participated in this training, 62% were girls. We organized a hackathon with 80 Syrian and 45 Turkish children.

    With the goal of achieving equal opportunity in education, we embarked on an Anatolian tour with a Training Truck to offer this chance to children in socioeconomically disadvantaged regions who have difficulty in accessing coding training. Our Coding Tomorrow Training Truck traveled over 6 thousand kilometers in 2018, reaching 3,700 children in 13 cities.

    We organized idea marathons and hackathons in which young people aged 11 to 17 participated in groups of 2 or 4 with projects and ideas on environmental problems, natural disasters, gender equality and disabilities. We awarded the top 3 teams.

  • Green Planet:

    Through "Environmental Awareness and Disaster Awareness" trainings on topics such as climate change, electronic waste recycling, recycling, sustainability and climate-related disasters, we aim to provide teachers, students and also indirectly parents with the necessary knowledge and awareness.

    Click here to access the Green Planet website


  • Coding Tomorrow education portal:

    The need for self-directed learning, the development of new skills and digital literacy is growing in an increasingly digital society. Developed as part of the Coding Tomorrow project, this website is designed to increase the digital literacy of children, young people and trainers and provide them with new digital skills.

    Click here to access the Coding Tomorrow education portal.

  • Village schools:

    Within the scope of the project, fully-equipped technology classrooms will be established in 45 village schools to increase the accessibility of technology for students in rural areas. More than 10,000 children -including those in the surrounding villages- will receive various trainings on technology, especially coding, with 60 teachers in these schools.

  • SkillsUpload Jr.:

    We took action to increase the digital literacy skills of young people as Vodafone Foundation, together with 6 other Vodafone Foundations in Europe. As part of the SkillsUpload Jr. program, through this joint initiative supported by Germany, Hungary, the Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Spain along with Turkey, our goal is to enable students and trainers to use digital technologies in an innovative, creative, and self-confident way.

Our partnership with Vodafone started with the project "One and All Will Learn Computer Skills" in 2008 and now continues with the "Coding Tomorrow" project. As part of the One and All Will Learn Computer Skills Project, we provided more than 1,000,809 people with basic computer skills online in 4 years through our IT Ambassadors, who promoted and expanded the project in 81 provinces. We maintained this partnership with the International Entrepreneurship Center, which we established in 2012 with the purpose of developing the entrepreneurship ecosystem. We organized entrepreneurship ecosystem meetings as part of this program and ensured that the right understanding of entrepreneurship is formed. Here, as Habitat Association, we came together with Vodafone Foundation and developed the "Coding Tomorrow" project. It also makes us proud that the project content was created by colleagues who are also part of the IT Ambassadors team of our "One and All Will Learn Computer Skills" project. Such projects, which have brought young volunteers together and contributed to their career goals, are also indicative of the right and sustainable partnerships.

Sezai Hazır
The Chair of Habitat Association
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