Dreaming Academy
Unveiling abilities and potentials of the people with disabilities, Dreams Academy has become the pioneer and the showcase of a new era by supporting company employees to put their most pleasant, sincerest, best efforts against the monster that is the consumption economy, which consumes individuals too. Dreams Kitchen, as one of the best examples of non-profit social business models... Social Inclusion Band representing one of the most visible examples with the strongest message about inclusion, equal opportunities, and employment for people with disabilities... Dreams Academy providing more sophisticated educational opportunities in contrast to the dead-end employment opportunities that are reduced to trivial jobs such as clothespin assembly, stringing beads and shoe cover making; an academy with instructors who are visually or hearing impaired, instructors who use wheelchairs; an academy that uses arts to facilitate reintegration the people who have been excluded because of their disabilities... A 10-year journey... Easier said than done, 365 days multiplied by 10 years... A challenging and proud social change journey that made history through a private sector and NGO partnership seeking to achieve a brand new life model... Yes, an accessible, equal life is not a utopia; we all know that now. It’s more than possible! Thanks to everyone who have shared this journey with us...
Ercan Tutal
Alternative Life Association / Founding Chairman of the Board
Women First in Entrepreneurship
Thanks to Women First In Entrepreneurship project, I have made my own money for the first time in my life. A life in which I didn’t work after university and dedicated myself to my children. I’ve received orders from the cities I wouldn’t think of, and now I’m selling my products all over Turkey. The most important thing is that I don’t feel alone anymore, and I know that I’m one step closer to my dreams with this lifeline fund.
Enhar Doğan
Public Education Center, Denizli / Winner of the Entrepreneurship Competition
Coding Tomorrow
Coding Tomorrow training has changed my view towards computers. I learnt that things are done through codes.
Ekin Duran
10 Year Old Participant, İzmir
Coding Tomorrow
Coding Tomorrow project gave me an understanding of the order of things in coding which makes me feel more comfortable at school. The order things in coding also matches with the order of things in life.
Eftal Seçkin
11 Year Old Participant, Samsun
Coding Tomorrow
I’m 18 years old, and a senior in high school. I started coding at a young age, and I’ve learned some basic coding languages. When I became aware of the Coding Tomorrow project, I wanted to be a part of it to improve myself, and to teach younger children how to code. As students, we have already been learning from our teachers, but there’s a new concept now: “learning while teaching.” It makes me happy to teach others the things I have learned. Teaching what I’ve known to other people in different age groups, through different channels, and using coding while doing that, helps me improve myself.
Berk Sürücü
Bahçeşehir Science and Technology High School / Volunteer Instructor
Coding Tomorrow
I learn about the background of computer games. What I would like to say is, some day, humanity might come to an end but software programs never will.
Ahmet Sungur
11 Year Old Participant, Kayseri
Women First in Entrepreneurship
As Turkish Informatics Foundation, our vision is “to transform Turkey into an information society”, and our mission is “to accelerate the transition into an information society”. As TIF, we carry out tremendous efforts to achieve this transformation in all areas from education to increased female employment, and we will continue to do so. One of these efforts is the Women First in Entrepreneurship project which we are very proud to be a partner of. The best thing about being a part of this project is to see women contribute to their family budgets by creating and selling products using the modern technology. As TIF, we congratulate all women who participate in this project for their self-confidence, and wish them a successful entrepreneurship journey.
Aydın Kolat
Turkish Informatics Foundation / Ankara Representative
Women First in Entrepreneurship
Before the project, we told ourselves that everything starts with a dream, and we told women that they should consider this project not merely as an opportunity to exhibit their handicrafts, but also as an entrepreneurship opportunity. Our goal was to help our trainees contribute to their family budgets through entrepreneurship, and become successful women who provide employment opportunities for others. Our progress so far shows that we have taken the right step by believing in the entrepreneurship potentials of our trainees. We are happy to witness their success.
Halil Elmas
Directorate for Public Education Centers / Director of Pamukkale Public Education Center
Dreaming Academy
The language of love is spoken in the Dreams Academy. One who violates this language cannot be happy in the land of dreams. Everyone loves you, smiles at you, and accompanies you, whether you know them or not. Dreamers only care about making each other happy. They share whatever they have; their food, their rooms, tents, toilets, their t-shirts, their knowledge, time, love... Labels of age, sex, sexual orientation, race, religion and economic class are left at the doorstep; everyone wears their ‘volunteer’ t-shirt, and sets to work cutting potatoes and onions. Everyone smiles and says “Good morning!” to the young girl who has come to the land of dreams for 6 days, perhaps for the first time in her life, whether they know her or not. Someone makes her breakfast, not in exchange of money; grows fruits and vegetables to be eaten together; cleans toilets and showers; teaches her whatever she knows with love and joy.
Sevda Baysal
Dreams Academy Volunteer
Women First in Entrepreneurship
Women are a part of production in developed countries that set their aims high. We believe that women must take part in life with their souls and abilities. With such projects, we are trying to make up for our shortcomings in this area. Women First In Entrepreneurship is one of the most important projects that we partner in. Thanks to this project, women contribute to economy by creating handcrafted products and selling them on the Internet. With this project carried out through a partnership between the Directorate General for Lifelong Learning, Vodafone Turkey Foundation and Turkish Informatics Foundation, we are excited to bring on board women who want to become entrepreneurs.
Sedat Abdülhakimoğulları
Ministry of National Education Directorate General for Lifelong Learning / Department Head of Social Partners and Projects
Coding Tomorrow
Those who will build the future, those who will code the future, are here in Coding Tomorrow project. I’m happy to see my son among them.
Murat Çelik
Parent, İzmir
Coding Tomorrow
When I was a child, I used to take random parts, put them together, and pretend I was making robots. There was a popular cartoon called Beyblade back in those days. I had made my own Beyblade. My mother saw the parts and cables I had hidden among my stuff, she thought it was junk, and threw it away. I had worked so hard on it. I was so upset. I love to be someone who creates, and I volunteer as an instructor.
Mizgin Askar
Volunteer Instructor in Coding the Future Project, Mardin
Women First in Entrepreneurship
I have never been appreciated before. There were so many people who told me that I cannot make it, that I would not succeed, but the classes I took with Women First In Entrepreneurship project have boosted my self-confidence. I started to use online banking, which I didn’t know how to use before, and I now think that there’s nothing that can stop me from being successful.
Hatice Çelik
Ortahisar Public Education Center, Trabzon / Vodafone Turkey Foundation Special Award
Women First in Entrepreneurship
I have been working with women for 22 years in skills classes. We kept producing, but could not market and make money on our products. It was hard for us to find a market and sell our products and that was disappointing for me. I was always trying to find ways to create markets for my trainees. In this sense, Women First In Entrepreneurship project has been a dream come true for me, because they helped my dear trainees reach wider audiences by creating sales opportunities for their products.
Fatma Gündoğdu
Technical School, Trabzon / Advisor
Women First in Entrepreneurship
I love learning and creating. Women First In Entrepreneurship project helped me see how I can grow my network and what I can accomplish by working hard. In this sense, the biggest help was the information technologies classes that I took in the project. During the popular voting process for the competition, I tried to reach as wide an audience as I can, using the technology, and I came to realize how many people I could reach through social media.
Ayşe Şahinkaya
Public Education Center, Kayseri / Winner of the Popular Vote
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