• 12 cities

  • Aim to reach out to nearly 12 thousand women via online and face-to-face training in digital literacy and digital marketing

  • Cooperation with the Ministry of National Education and Turkish Employment Agency

  • Women’s potential meets the power of technology.

    “Connected Women”, a project initiated by Vodafone Turkey Foundation and carried out in cooperation with the Ministry of National Education General Directorate for Lifelong Learning and ISKUR (Turkish Employment Agency), aims to secure the inclusion of women over 18 years old into the digital community and participation of women who are trained in IT to the workforce. By leveraging technology’s transformative power, this project will enable us to provide women with occupation and get us closer to our digital community goal.

  • “Connected Women” project will reach out to nearly 12 thousand women across 12 cities.

    “Digital Literacy” training will be offered to 10.500 women across 12 cities, while 1.200 women will get “Digital Marketing” training in 11 cities. Training as part of the project will be held in İstanbul, Ankara, İzmir, Bursa, Antalya, Samsun, Mardin, Afyonkarahisar, Elazığ, Sivas, Kastamonu and Ağrı. Public Education Centers will host the training in the respective cities. Training will be offered in two forms as face-to-face training and online training.

    ISKUR will promote “Digital Marketing” training through its Professional Clubs, which serve as an intensified professional and occupational consulting program. ISKUR will also register trainees who complete the training in its database.


  • Digital Literacy

    Intending to help women acquire digital literacy skills by introducing them to the digital world, the project offers a 24-hour “Digital Literacy” training.

    This training will cover the following topics:

    • Basic Computer Usage
    • Content Creation in Digital World
    • Electronic Communication Methods
    • Search Engines and How to Use Them
    • The Concept of Website and its Purpose-Fitting Usage
    • Leveraging Mobile Amenities and Services
    • Social Media Usage
    • Search Engine Marketing
    • Digital Ethics
    • Conscious Use of the Information Technology
  • Digital Marketing

    40-hour “Digital Marketing” training aims to provide women with digital vocational training to include them in the workforce.

    This training will cover the following:

      • Introduction to Marketing and Basics of Digital Marketing
      • Social Media Management, Creating and Managing Visuals
      • Mobile Marketing
      • Current Strategies in Digital Marketing
      • E-Mail Marketing
      • Fundamental Approaches in Public Relations and Reputation Management in Digital World
      • Legal Regulations
      • E-Trade
      • Search Engine Marketing
      • Social Media Management

Frequently Asked Questions

In which cities is the project being implemented?

The project is implemented as two different course programs across 12 cities, namely İstanbul, Ankara, İzmir, Bursa, Sivas, Mardin, Afyon, Gaziantep, Antalya, Ağrı, Elazığ, Kastamonu and Samsun. 

How can I participate?

By checking which PECs are involved in the project in your city, you can apply and register through the PECs. . Courses will be opened once the adequate number of participants is reached, and you will be notified. 

What are the courses prepared within the project?

Digital Literacy and Digital Marketing are the two different course programs to be offered under the project. 

Do I need to complete the Digital Literacy course to register for the Digital Marketing course?

No, you don’t.

What are the attendance conditions for the training?

For Digital Literacy training:

  • Living in the one of the project cities
  • Being over 18 years old
  • Owning a smart mobile phone

For Digital Marketing training:

  • Living in the one of the project cities (Except Ağrı)
  • Being over 18 years old
  • Owning a smart mobile phone
  • Holding a vocational high school degree from the following departments: Office Management – Secretariat, Graphic Management, Computer, and related departments, Accounting and Financing, Banking, Marketing and Retail, Public Relations – Communications, Tourism, and Logistics, or holding at least a two-year university degree and being able to document that she attended a computer course before

How long does the training last, and what is the method of training?

The Digital Literacy program will last 24 hours as a 16-hour face-to-face training and 8-hour online training. The Digital Marketing program will last 40 hours as a 32-hour face-to-face training and 8-hour online training. You will log in to the online training via Distance Learning Platform and applications of the General Directorate for Lifelong Learning. 

Will I receive a certificate of participation once the course is completed?

Yes, you will. Trainees who pass the final written exam at the end of the training program will receive a formal course completion provided by the Ministry of National Education (MEB). 

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