65+ Elderly Rights Association’s “let’s Heal Together” Videos are on Vodafone TV

Vodafone Turkey Foundation initiated a new project to support people over 65 years old under curfew due to the coronavirus outbreak. 35-episodes special video series themed “Let’s Heal Together”, prepared by 65+ Elderly Rights Association, started to be broadcasted on Vodafone TV.

Operating with the aim of pioneering social change and development, Vodafone Turkey Foundation has added a new one to the projects that it has implemented within the scope of struggle with coronavirus. As part of the collaboration made with 65+ Elderly Rights Association, the special video series themed “Let’s Heal Together” consisting of information that people over 65 years old under quarantine might need, started to be broadcasted on Vodafone TV. In the 35-episodes series prepared by 65+ Elderly Rights Association, expert opinions on many topics from health to nutrition, and from psychology to home economics are conveyed. With the “Let’s Heal Together” videos, not only various tips for struggling with coronavirus are given but also helpful information to keep elderly people’s morale and motivation high are shared.

Vodafone Turkey Foundation Chairman, Hasan Süel said:

“Because of the coronavirus outbreak, we are going through extraordinary times both in the world and in Turkey. As a society, it is the time that we need to act with the spirit of unity and solidarity. As Vodafone Turkey Foundation, we use technology to improve human life with our vision ‘technology for good’. Accordingly, we took action to support our elderly citizens over 65 years old, who are among the group that has been affected the most by the outbreak. Within the scope of the collaboration with 65+ Elderly Rights Association, we broadcast videos to help these citizens about almost every subject about coronavirus and quarantine. With the “Let’s Heal Together” videos we broadcast on Vodafone TV, we want to show them that we are always with them. We believe that we will overcome the coronavirus as soon as possible and with the least damage.”

65+ Elderly Rights Association President Gülüstü Salur stated:

“The news about Covid-19 outbreak stating that the virus poses a risk for the elderly came before the virus itself. For the last two months, the elderly have been at the center of the agenda more than ever. Firstly, we said “Be careful, stay at home,” then we said, “Do not ever go out, we will make your needs met.” Right at this point, as 65+ Elderly Rights Association, in collaboration with Vodafone Turkey Foundation that has a tradition of multidimensionally contributing to the civil society, we implemented our foresight that the need to be met would not only be food and cleaning agents. The short videos that we have prepared with the experts, volunteers and friends of our association extended from sharing information about the outbreak to tips for protecting physical and mental health, socializing and doing activities connected to life while staying at home. The video archive is growing with the incoming questions and conveyed experiences. It does not only address the elderly but their relatives as well. I hope that this project, targeting the elderly population to benefit from the world at maximum, in collaboration with Vodafone Turkey Foundation will ease the challenges resulted from the outbreak.

Quarantine recommendations for the elderly

Various titles such as “Use The Mask Correctly”, “Protect Your Biological Clock”, ” Learn How to Live with Anxiety”, “Tips For Patients with Dementia”, “Let’s Keep in Contact”, “Ease The Burden of the Hospitals”, “What I Do with Smart Phone”, “Bank in the Phone”, “Secure Shopping on Internet”, “Preparing for Growing Old”, “What Should the Elderly Consider When Taking Pills?”, “Pre-Mild Cognitive Impairment Period for the Elderly”, “Oldness and Old Age Psychology”, “What Can We Do For a Happy Old Age?”, “How Can the Elderly Keep Their Psychology Strong?”, “System Building for Elderly and Patients at Home” take place in the video series “Let’s Heal Together” specially prepared for the people over 65 years old, whom the coronavirus outbreak affected the most.

How to watch the series?

“Let’s Heal Together” videos can be watched on Vodafone TV throughout May. Vodafone TV can be reached by downloading the app from the app stores of cell phones, tablets and smart TVs or through tv.vodafone.com.tr website.

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