Students who are “Coding Tomorrow” Designed a Smart Door for People With Alzheimer’s Disease

Operating with the aim of pioneering social change and development, Vodafone Turkey Foundation continues to raise generations ready for the digital future within the scope of the “Coding Tomorrow” project, which it has implemented in cooperation with Habitat Association. The students Alper Arda İpek and Alperen Cebe, who are participating in the project from Denizli, attended the Coding Tomorrow Training organized in the school where they have graduated from as “guest trainers” this time. In the training which was supervised by Coding Tomorrow Voluntary Trainer Yasin Köse and attended by 15 students in total, Alper Arda İpek and Alperen Cebe shared their experiences in coding with their friends.

Turkey Vodafone Foundation President Hasan Süel said:

“As Vodafone Turkey Foundation, we think that we should support our children’s education for a better future. We want a generation that does not consume but produce. In order to produce technology, it is necessary to learn to code, as it is considered the language of the digital world. Our children can have an idea about programming, do activities that can uncover their creativity, create their own dream world, and produce their own games within the scope of “Coding Tomorrow” project. We are so happy to see that the students who participate in our project that entered its fourth year have new success stories every day. Alper Arda İpek and Alperen Cebe, who participate in our project from Denizli, made us proud of the nationwide successes they have achieved. The success of these children of ours, who are now able to share their experience in coding with their friends, motivates us to reach the other children in our country and increase the accessibility of our project. We congratulate our children and wish them continued success.”

Habitat Association Chairman Sezai Hazır stated:

“One of the thresholds of sustainable development is to invest in the future. Habitat Association should work continually to bring together our children and youth who are the determinants of our future with technologies such as coding, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things that will make each of them an architect of the future. With our ‘Coding Tomorrow’ project that we carry out in collaboration with Vodafone Turkey Foundation, we have reached more than 43 thousand children in 60 cities with our 426 voluntary trainers. With the success stories coming into view, it makes us happy to see our children reach their dreams, acquire analytical thinking skills, and start to use coding as an instrument in solving the problems they encounter in their lives and environment while bringing together our children with coding. Alper Arda İpek and Alperen Cebe, who participate in our project from Denizli, make us proud. I congratulate our successful students who succeeded becoming 4th in Turkey with their idea of employment that they have developed towards refugees by competing against groups with members older than them in the Social Cooperation Hackathon organized by Ministry of Commerce and made a smart door for Alzheimer’s patients with the electronic circuits that they designed and coded themselves, and wish them success in the International Olympics which they are currently preparing for.

They made a smart door for Alzheimer’s patients

Alper Arda İpek and Alperen Cebe, who got involved in “Coding Tomorrow” project in 2017, were given training and mentorship by the project’s voluntary trainers Yasin Köse and Makbule Çavuş. Alper Arda İpek and Alperen Cebe founded their first club in the middle school there they study and then organized coding training and activities for their schoolmates with the help of Habitat Association. Being the only middle school group in the Social Cooperative Hackathon organized by the Ministry of Trade, where the age average was 27, Alper Arda İpek and Alperen Cebe became 4th of Turkey with their idea of employment towards refugees. Having made a smart door for Alzheimer’s patients with the electronic circuits that they designed and coded themselves, the successful students also drew attention with The Golden Ball game that they wrote with C# language and designed. Currently studying at Science High School and continuing to develop desktop and mobile games, Alper Arda İpek and Alperen Cebe are also preparing for the International Olympics.

Target: Reaching 100 thousand children

With the project “Coders Tomorrow,” children between 7-14 years old from all around Turkey are given theoretical and practical training on topics such as introduction to programming, algorithm logic, developing applications, creating stories, and developing games by voluntary trainers. Since August 2016, the project reached more than 43.000 children in 60 cities, and the aim is to provide coding training for 100.000 more children in 81 cities.

Artificial Intelligence training for teenagers

Vodafone Turkey Foundation and Habitat Association signed for two significant collaborations in the 4th year of the project. The Foundation, which included the teachers of the Ministry of Education in their trainer education, will give Artificial Intelligence training to the 14-17 years old teenagers in collaboration with The Clubhouse Network, one of the world’s largest educational platforms. Thus, while expanding coding training all over Turkey, it will also enrich the content of training by adding depth to it with physical training locations in certain cities.

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