Coding Tomorrow Training Minibus Started Its 12-Week-Long Istanbul Tour From Silivrikapı.

The Coding Tomorrow Training Minibus, which was utilized as a part of the “Coding Tomorrow” project, brought about during the 41st Vodafone Istanbul Marathon, has started its 12-week-long Istanbul tour. The first stop for the minibus, which will visit 30 different facilities belonging to Spor İstanbul, has been Silivrikapı Skating Hall and Recreation Center. Twenty children who received sports training in the facility learned to code for robotics in the Coding Tomorrow Training Minibus.


Vodafone,operating with the aim of connecting people for a better future, gave the start signal for the Coding Tomorrow Training Minibus, project which brings the company’s social efforts in sports and education together under one roof. Coding Tomorrow Training Minibus, which was brought about as a part of the “Coding Tomorrow” project made to happen with the collaboration of Vodafone Turkey Foundation and Habitat Foundation, has started its 12-week-longIstanbul tour to offer coding training for children aged between 7 and 14 who are receiving training from Spor İstanbul, the affiliate company of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. Twenty childrenbeing trained in the Silivrikapı Skating Hall and Recreation Centerwere the first guests of the Coding Tomorrow Training Minibus which will stop by 30 different sports facilitiesbelonging to Spor İstanbul. The aim is to reach about 600 childrenuntil the end of Marchwith the Coding Tomorrow Training Minibus, where coding training will be held in 2 sessionson Saturdays and Sundaysbetween 09:00 – 12:00and 13:00 – 16:00.


Hasan Süel, Deputy Chairman of Executive Board of Vodafone Turkey,  emphasized that a country’s future is determined by that country’s children, and said:


“As Vodafone Turkey Foundation, we find it essential that children in our country are raised with digital culture. We aim to raise a generation that does not only consume technology but also produces technology. As a part of the ‘Coding Tomorrow’ project, we started in collaboration with Habitat Foundation with this aim in mind; we provide coding tutorials for children aged from 7 to 14 all over Turkey. We prepare our children for the digital future with our coding tutorials. Lastly, we ran in the 41st Vodafone Istanbul Marathon that took place last November, with the aim of contributing to our children’s digital education. At the same time, we planned to teach coding to the children receiving training from Spor İstanbul by creating a coding minibus. Through this, as Spor İstanbul supports the physical development of our children, we will support their mental development. We invite all of our children who are curious about sports and coding to our Coding Tomorrow Training Minibus.


Coding training for 100.000 children in 81 cities


Children aged 7-14 are given coding training all around Turkey with the “Coding Tomorrow” project. Theoretical and practical trainings are managed by volunteers on the subjects such as introduction to programming, app development, story creation, and game development. The project has reached more than 43,000 children from 60 cities in the last 3 years. Vodafone Turkey Foundation aims to provide coding training to another 100,000 children in 81cities over the next year.


The other Spor İstanbul facilities the Coding Tomorrow Minibus will visit are:




  • Fatih Sports Complex
  • Yeşilpınar Swimming Pool
  • Tevfik Aydeniz Sports Facility
  • Hidayet Türkoğlu Sports Complex
  • Bayrampaşa Sports Complex
  • Esenler Sports Complex
  • Hakkı Başar Sports Facility
  • Bahçelievler Sports Complex
  • Halkalı Swimming Pool
  • Sefaköy Swimming Pool
  • Halkalı Çamlık Sports Facility
  • Florya Sports Complex
  • Çırpıcı Sports Complex
  • Hamza Yerlikaya Sports Complex
  • Yıl Swimming Pool
  • Avcılar Sports Complex
  • Beyoğlu Swimming Pool
  • Metin Oktay Sports Facility
  • Maltepe Sahip Sports Facility
  • Çekmeköy Sports Complex
  • Beykoz Sports Facility
  • Hasan Doğan Sports Complex
  • Pendik Kurtköy Sports Complex
  • Haldun Alagaş Sports Complex
  • Ümraniye Indoor Swimming Pool
  • Pendik Çamlık Sports Facility
  • Kafkale Sports Complex
  • Yenidoğan Swimming Pool
  • Taha Akgül Sports Complex
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