Vodafone Turkey Foundation Gathered Thousands Of Children And Women With Technology In 2022

Operating with the vision of "technology for good", Vodafone Turkey Foundation continued its efforts for the digitalization of society in 2022. The Foundation reached 4,4 million people in 15 years and supported 16 projects with a value of 223 million TRY. While helping over 290,000 children learn to code with the "Coding Tomorrow" project, the Foundation also provided Digital Literacy and Digital Marketing training to over 11,000 women with the "Connected Women" project.

Operating with the aim of pioneering social change and development, Vodafone Turkey Foundation continued to work on social development with its goal-oriented approach in 2022. Operating with the vision of "technology for good" and celebrating its 15th year in 2022, the Foundation touched the lives of 4.4 million people and supported 16 projects with a real value of 223 million TRY. The Foundation's "Coding Tomorrow" project reached over 290,000 children, while the "Connected Women" project reached over 11,000 women. Moreover, the "Easy Rescue" application, which aims to protect women from violence, was downloaded 375,000 times.

Vodafone Turkey Foundation Chairman, Hasan Süel, said:

"As Vodafone Turkey Foundation, we have been conducting our activities with the vision of 'Technology for Good' since the beginning. We design all our projects considering our country's social needs and the social needs map we create based on research. We work to clear the obstacles in front of those who cannot adequately leverage social life opportunities or exist in economic life. We focus primarily on women and children. Under the roof of our foundation, we reached 4,4 million people in 15 years and supported 16 projects with a value of 223 million TRY. As Vodafone Turkey Foundation, we will continue contributing to our country's sustainable future."

Over 290,000 children learned how to code

The "Coding Tomorrow" project, implemented by Vodafone Turkey Foundation in collaboration with Habitat Association, where children aged 7-14 across Turkey receive coding training, has reached over 290,000 children with 1,000 volunteers since August 2016. As part of the project, where each 1 TRY investment provides a social return of 7,7 TRY and a social value of about 14 million TRY, 8 hackathons were held in the last year with the participation of 187 children and youngsters. Within the scope of the project, technology classes were also opened in 43 village schools, while over 8,000 children, including the surrounding villages, were provided with technology training. The "Coding Tomorrow" project aims to provide technology training to a total of 92,000 people, including children, teachers, and parents.

Awareness training for 4,800 students

The "Green Planet" project, which was designed as part of the "Coding Tomorrow" project implemented in collaboration with Vodafone Turkey Foundation and Habitat Association, also continued to raise environmental awareness in children. The project, where students were given theoretical and practical training on climate change, recycling, sustainability, and natural disasters, reached 4,800 children with a total of 79 trainers. While the total number of local trainings provided since the beginning of the project has been raised to 63 , a master training for trainers was also held in Ankara in December with the participation of 27 volunteers. The project aims to reach 15,000 students in 2023.

8,000 children were provided with access to digital tools

The Foundation also continued its sustainability efforts without slowing down with the "Waste to Code" project, which was implemented with a circular economy approach to encourage the recycling of electronic waste. In 2022, over 18 tons of e-waste was collected and recycled with the support of 52 business partners within the scope of the project, which also includes next-gen stores that have gained an eco-friendly and sustainable identity. Thanks to the economic income obtained by recycling electronic waste, 8 coding classes have been opened so far to support the "Coding Tomorrow" project of the Vodafone Turkey Foundation and Habitat Association, enabling 8,000 children to access digital tools.

Over 11,000 women learned digitalization

Vodafone Turkey Foundation continued to provide women with opportunities in the digital world in 2022 with the "Connected Women” project, which was implemented in partnership with the Ministry of National Education Directorate General of Life Long Learning. The project, where Digital Literacy and Digital Marketing training were provided to women over the age of 18, reached over 11,000 women with 135 trainers in 85 Public Education Centers in 20 provinces. Also, Vodafone employed 86 women who completed the training within Vodafone Customer Services. As part of the project, a social value of 5 million TRY was obtained. Each 1 TRY invested in the project brought about a social return of 5 TRY. The project aims to train 12,000 women in 20 provinces until the end of 2023.

"Easy Rescue" was downloaded 375 thousand times

In 2022, Vodafone Turkey Foundation continued to support women's protection from violence by using the power of technology. Implemented by the Foundation 8 years ago with the support of the Ministry of Family and Social Services, the "Easy Rescue" application has been downloaded 375,000 times and reached 1,500 monthly active users. The application, which enables women to easily call their relatives or the police when they are exposed to violence, also introduced "Easy Rescue", an AI-based chatbot, to support women in matters they are afraid to ask others.

The Foundation and sustainability projects received many awards

Vodafone Turkey Foundation and Vodafone Turkey's sustainability efforts proved the success of their projects with the awards received in 2022. The Foundation accepted 5 awards at the Istanbul Marketing Awards with its "Coding Tomorrow", "Waste to Code" and "Easy Rescue" projects and 2 awards at the CEVKO Awards with its "Green Planet" and "Waste to Code" projects. The Foundation also received an award with its "Connected Women" project in the "Women Employment and Equal Opportunity at Work" category at the Women-Friendly Brands 2022 Awareness Awards and another award with its "Green Planet" project at the Sustainable Business Awards.

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