• 10 years of support for lives without barriers

  • Touched the lives of 6.0000 young people with disabilities

  • Activities addressing all aspects of life

  • An equal & active role in social life through a brand new life journey

    As Vodafone Foundation, we have aimed to help disabled individuals break the social exclusion and become an active and productive part of the society through art with the Dreams Academy project, which was launched in 2008 with the collaboration of UNDP and Alternative Life Association.

    In the project we completed in 2019, we focused on the personal improvement of the disabled people and provided them with a natural educational field that allows improving values such as sharing, getting to know differences and acknowledging them, being a good problem-solver, productive, and creative.

Dreams Academy
Unveiling abilities and potentials of the people with disabilities, Dreams Academy has become the pioneer and the showcase of a new era by supporting company employees to put their most pleasant, sincerest, best efforts against the monster that is the consumption economy, which consumes individuals too. Dreams Kitchen, as one of the best examples of non-profit social business models... Social Inclusion Band representing one of the most visible examples with the strongest message about inclusion, equal opportunities, and employment for people with disabilities... Dreams Academy providing more sophisticated educational opportunities in contrast to the dead-end employment opportunities that are reduced to trivial jobs such as clothespin assembly, stringing beads and shoe cover making; an academy with instructors who are visually or hearing impaired, instructors who use wheelchairs; an academy that uses arts to facilitate reintegration the people who have been excluded because of their disabilities... A 10-year journey... Easier said than done, 365 days multiplied by 10 years... A challenging and proud social change journey that made history through a private sector and NGO partnership seeking to achieve a brand new life model... Yes, an accessible, equal life is not a utopia; we all know that now. It’s more than possible! Thanks to everyone who have shared this journey with us...
Ercan Tutal
Alternative Life Association / Founding Chairman of the Board





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