Machines Operating On Tweets To Give Food To Street Animals Are Now Across Istanbul.

Animal food machines developed for stray animals by students in Kayseri, who participated in “Coding Tomorrow” project of Vodafone Turkey Foundation, and implemented by the Foundation itself are becoming widespread. Following the first machine’s installation in front of Vodafone Zeytinburnu Station Store, which drew much interest, further food machines were placed in 5 different locations in İstanbul in Sarıyer,  Kadıköy, Beşiktaş, Göktürk and Sultanbeyli. Tweeting under the tag #BuMamaBenden is enough to set the code-operated food machines in action and feed the street animals.

Food machines developed by students in Kayseri to feed stray animals within the scope of the “Coding Tomorrow” project implemented by Vodafone Turkey Foundation and Habitat Association are becoming widespread in İstanbul. Following the first machine placed in front of Vodafone Zeytinburnu Station Store, further food machines were installed in 5 other locations in İstanbul inSarıyer,  Kadıköy, Beşiktaş, Göktürk and Sultanbeyli. Tweeting under the tag #BuMamaBenden is enough to set the code-operated food machine in action and feed the street animals. 

Saying that the students working on the “Coding Tomorrow” project use coding as the language of the future to find solutions to social problems, Vodafone Turkey Foundation Chair Hasan Süel, continued as follows: 

“With the coding training provided within the scope of the project, our children have an idea about programming, work to bring out their creativity, create their own imaginary worlds and produce their own games. Children participating in our project from Kayseri developed a code-operated food machine so that everyone can help the stray animals and the animals can always find food easily, and we put this idea into practice. The first machine, coded so that it operates when tweeted under the tag of #BuMamaBenden, was installed in our pilot spot in front of our Vodafone Zeytinburnu Station Store. It is a source of happiness and pride for us to see that our children apply what they have learned about coding to such ideas that add value to life. Our first food machine drew so much interest that more than 250 thousand tweets were entered. Now we have installed food machines in front of 5 other stores in Sarıyer, Kadıköy, Beşiktaş, Göktürk, and Sultanbeyli. We want to make this project widespread outside of İstanbul as well.”

How Does It Work?

Food machine was coded so that it operates when someone tweets under the tag of #BuMamaBenden. The machine gives out food if the food bowl is empty. The tweets sent help to fill the empty machines. If the food machines are full in all locations, the tweets are lined up. When the bowl is emptied, the next tweet activates the machine and bowl is filled again.

When a tweet is sent under the tag of #BuMamaBenden, the response by Vodafone Turkey Foundation account provides information about whether the bowl is full or empty. Every time, the food machine fills the bowl with a serving of food (200 gr). Food machines, checked by the related staff every day and refilled if necessary, operate 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

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