Each 1 Try Invested For The "Coding Tomorrow" Socially Returned As A 7,7 Value


Implemented in collaboration with Vodafone Turkey Foundation and Habitat Association, The “Coding Tomorrow” project continues to provide social benefits by improving the digital competencies of children and youngsters. Each 1 TRY invested in the project, which obtained 14 million TRY of social value in the last year, brought about a social return of 7,7 TRY. The "Coding Tomorrow" project, which has reached over 260,000 children across Turkey since August 2016, aims to provide technology training to 92,000 people, including students, teachers, and parents , in the next year.

Besides making a tremendous global impact, the project will be introduced to the world again in a special session that will be held online on July 6 as part of the United Nations High-Level Political Forum on sustainable development (HLPF).

Implemented with Vodafone Turkey Foundation and Habitat Association to help raise a generation that does not consume but produces, the "Coding Tomorrow" project enters a new era. Again, the project's goal for the new period is to improve the digital competencies of children and youngsters and prepare them for the digital future. According to the report prepared for the third time to evaluate the project's social impact, the "Coding Tomorrow" training provided 14 million TRY of social value last year. While each 1 TRY invested in the project obtained a social return of 7,7 TRY, the project achieved a 75% increase in social return compared to the previous period. The "Coding Tomorrow" project, which has reached over 260,000 children across Turkey since August 2016, aims to provide technology training to 92,000 people, including students, teachers, and parents, in the next year.

Highlighting the tremendous transformative power of digital technologies, Mr. Hasan Süel, the Chair of Vodafone Turkey Foundation, stated:

"We are working to ensure that people from all social strata, especially women and children, benefit from this power. We prepare our children and teenagers for the digital future with our 'Coding Tomorrow' project so that they become a part of the digital society, even its architects. We aim to raise a generation that does not consume but produces. Until today, we have given coding training to over 260,000 children in 81 provinces. Our goal for the next year is to provide technology training to 92,000 people, including students, teachers, and families. We also continue to expand our project's scope with 'twin projects'. With our 'Waste to Code' project, we opened coding classes in 8 provinces. On the other hand, with our 'Rural Schools' project, we built fully-equipped technology classes in 30 rural schools in various provinces of our country. With our 'Green Planet' project, we started to provide environmental awareness training to our children. Our 'Coding Tomorrow' project also continues to create significant and positive changes for our children, parents, and volunteers. Our social impact report published for the third time this year revealed that the total social value we achieved last year with our project was around 14 million TRY. We also discovered each 1 TRY we invested in the project obtained a social return of 7,7 TRY. Thus, our project achieved a 75% increase in social return compared to the previous period. We will continue to prepare young generations for the digital future under the umbrella of the 'Coding Tomorrow' project."

Mr. Sezai Hazır, the Board Chairman of Habitat Association, also stated:

"We feel right happy and proud of entering the new era of our 'Coding Tomorrow' project, which we implemented in collaboration with Vodafone Turkey Foundation and touched the lives of thousands of children. The past period demonstrated again that learning how to code is as important as literacy. With our project, we will continue to develop processes guiding our country's digital transformation and contribute to helping our children be ready for the digital world of the future. According to our report prepared to evaluate the social impact of our 'Coding Tomorrow' project, 'Coding Tomorrow' training achieved a social value of 14 million TRY on our parents and volunteers last year. With the support of our volunteers, parents, and students, we aim to ensure that the social impact we created as part of our project will increasingly continue in the future. By fortifying our 'Coding Tomorrow' project with the technology and coding classes opened in rural schools with the 'Green Planet' project implemented to raise children's awareness of the environment and natural disasters, we have touched the lives of thousands of children. In the following period of our project, we will work to bring our children together with technology. We will continue contributing to Turkey's digital transformation and introduce coding to future generations."

5 times increase in motivation

According to the 2020-2021 Social Impact Report prepared for the “Coding Tomorrow” project, 79% of the child participants stated that they neither had received any coding training nor known how to code before the training. In this regard, "Coding Tomorrow" stands out as an activity that helps children meet coding for the first time. Compared to the last year's results, this year's social impact report has recorded a two times growth in children's 21st century competencies and over five times increase in their motivation and perception of the future. The report also showcases that the most significant change in children was in their 21st-century competencies, with an increase of 33%. Besides increasing children's coding skills, the "Coding Tomorrow" training also positively affects their motivation for learning coding, the future, and their self-confidence.

Online education opportunity for everyone

In the new period, Vodafone Turkey Foundation and Habitat Association will continue to expand the project all over Turkey and enhance children's digital competencies with various subjects of digital education. Within this scope, children between 7-14 and 14-17 will continue to receive training specific to their age groups to improve digital competencies. This year, children and youngsters will also come together online for events such as hackathons and ideathons and try to develop solutions for social problems. For the first time this year, the "Coding Tomorrow" training will be given on the online education platform of the project, https://yarinikodlayanlar.com/. Regardless of being a teacher or student, the platform provides anyone seeking to receive education with various training subjects to help them improve their digital skills and expand their knowledge in coding, game development, mobile applications, and cyberbullying.

Coding training has started in the metaverse

The "Coding Tomorrow" project has also started to provide coding training in the metaverse environment. During the training on the most up-to-date technological concepts and applications, children receive Scratch training and learn algorithm, the first step of coding education, with Virtual Reality (VR) glasses in the metaverse. With the training to be held in technology classes opened in certain rural schools, the "Coding Tomorrow" project aims to reach 1,000 children over 13 by the end of the year.

Technology classes in 15 more rural schools

Launched as part of the "Coding Tomorrow", the "Rural Schools" project also expands its scope. The project aims to introduce technology to children in rural areas by opening fully-equipped technology classes, including projectors, laptops, 3D pens, 3D printers, STEM education kits, science education kits, and Zoom communication & activity tools, in rural schools. Training held in these classes reached 6,000 children and 2,500 parents, including the surrounding villages, in one year. To date, technology classes have been opened in 30 rural schools. Today, the project expands its scope by preparing to open technology classes in 15 more rural schools. The project aims to travel and provide mobile training in 360 villages in the new period, reaching 10,000 more children. Also, children in village schools will be introduced to the Vodafone ecosystem voluntarily via a unique mentoring platform and provided with periodic posts on technology, personal development, and career planning.

Environmental awareness training for over 1,000 children

Launched last year within the scope of the "Coding Tomorrow" to raise children's environmental awareness and reached 1,100 children, the "Green Planet" project continues its activities. With the project, children aged 7-14 receive online training on climate change, e-cycling, recycling, sustainability, and natural disasters in various provinces of Turkey.

Artificial Intelligence awareness training for 3,000 youngsters

The "Coding Tomorrow" will also continue to make global collaborations. Accordingly, special communication activities will be performed as part of the SkillsUploadJr. project organized with 7 European countries. The program launched at the beginning of 2020 in collaboration with The Clubhouse Network, among the leading education platforms worldwide, is also expected to be fortified with local partnerships. As part of the program, youngsters aged 14-17 will continue to receive Artificial Intelligence training. After helping 1,776 youngsters to date, the program's goal for the next period is to reach 3,000 more youngsters. Moreover, among the goals of the project is to improve the digital competencies of employable youth by including vocational high schools in Artificial Intelligence training.

The "Coding Tomorrow" project at the United Nations

After the United Nations World Summit on the Information Society that was held last year, the "Coding Tomorrow" project will be included in this year's United Nations High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development . The online session, including the 6-year journey and success stories of the project, will be held on Wednesday, July 6, with the participation of Mr. Hasan Süel, Vodafone Turkey Foundation President, Mr. Civan Sözkesen, Vice Chairman of Habitat Association, and Ms. Melike Su Uzun, Coding Tomorrow Volunteer Instructor. The session will start at 8 pm local time in Turkey and can be watched live at https://bit.ly/codingtomorrow .

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