"Coding Tomorrow" Website Has Been Updated With New Training

The website of "Coding Tomorrow", a joint project of Vodafone Turkey Foundation and Habitat Association, has been updated with new educational content. The project's website, yarinikodlayanlar.com/en, provides thorough information on everything from coding to cyberbullying and offers both teachers and students the ability to attend any training they wish online.

Vodafone Turkey Foundation and Habitat Association continue to expand the "Coding Tomorrow" project, which they launched to prepare children for the digital future. While the project has reached over 228,000 children, its website has recently been updated with new educational content. The website, which can be accessed at yarinikodlayanlar.com/en/, includes various sections where teachers, students, and those seeking to get training can enhance their digital skills and improve their competencies in many subjects such as how to code, game development, mobile application, and cyberbullying.

Mr. Hasan Süel, the Chair of Vodafone Turkey Foundation , stated:

"As Vodafone Turkey Foundation and Habitat Association, we eagerly continue our 'Coding Tomorrow' project, which we launched six years ago to raise generations ready for the digital future. We aim to contribute to our country's digitalization and spread the awareness of raising young generations through education. Until today, we have given coding training to over 228,000 children in 81 provinces. We constantly update our educational content. Besides Scratch training, we continue to improve our children's digital competencies with digital training on various subjects. Also, we have recently updated our project's website with our new educational content. We provide extensive information on everything, from coding to cyberbullying, via this website. We believe our updated website will become a fundamental resource for teachers, students, and anyone seeking to get an education. We will continue our activities, aiming to raise a generation that does not only consume but also produces."

Mr. Sezai Hazır, the Board Chair of Habitat Association , also stated:

We feel right happy and proud of constantly expanding the scope of our Coding Tomorrow project, which we implemented with the collaboration of the Vodafone Turkey Foundation and touches the lives of thousands of children. The previous years have shown us that learning how to code is as important as literacy. With our project, we develop processes that guide our country's digital transformation, thereby contributing to the prepare our children for the digital world of the future. Thanks to our website implemented within our project, We will popularize our training such as 'Scratch', 'Tinkercad', 'Artificial Intelligence', and '21st-Century Skills' and new content such as 'Designing Games with Unity', 'Mobile Application Development with Appinventor', and 'Cyberbullying'. We believe our website is a crucial step towards digital transformation and will contribute to our project significantly. We believe the 21st century will be a century that will allow individuals to transform and lead societies with their digital skills."

The opportunity to join Green Planet training

The Coding Tomorrow website can be accessed via the link yarinikodlayanlar.com/giris/. Teachers (trainers) or students who will use the website can register to the system with their e-mail addresses. The updated website includes About Us, Green Planet, Training, and Trainer Training tabs. While the About Us tab provides general introductory information about the Coding Tomorrow project, the Green Planet tab offers an "Apply for Training" option and an application form for students between the ages of 7-14 after informing them about this project. This tab also involves information regarding the content of the idea marathon and online training to be held after the training.

Content-rich education for teachers and students

Trainer Training and Training tabs on the Coding Tomorrow project's website were designed individually for teachers and students. The content created for students includes Mobile Application Development with Appinventor, Digital Footprint, Digital Parenting & 21st-Century Competencies, Micro:Bit, Scratch, Tinkercad, Personal Data & Privacy, E-learning, Hack Control, Game Design with Unity , and Artificial Intelligence training. Students can join any of these training they want. The Trainer Trainings tab designed for teachers involves Scratch, Tinkercad, and Micro:Bit training. Trainers can complete any training and convey what they have learned to their students.

The project has reached over 228,000 children

Within the "Coding Tomorrow" project, children between 7-14 across Turkey receive theoretical and practical training by volunteer trainers on various subjects, including the introduction to programming, algorithm logic, application development, storytelling, and game development. Our training helps our children understand programming, work to bring out their creativity, create their imaginary worlds, and produce their games. As part of the "Coding Tomorrow", which has reachedover 228,000 children in 81 provinces to date, 6,6 million TRY of social value was obtained in one year, and each investment of 1 TRY for the project yielded a social return of 4,4 TRY.

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