A Move From Easy Rescue: Training For Women

Vodafone Turkey Foundation is still developing the "Red Light" app, which it introduced eight years ago to protect women from violence. The app was lastly updated to include training videos with a "gender equality" theme and a Violence Awareness Test. The new add-ins are designed to make women more aware of the different types of violence.

Vodafone Turkey Foundation, which strives to be a leader in social change and development, continues to add new features to the "Easy Rescue" app, which was launched 8 years ago with the goal of protecting women from violence. Having been downloaded 371,000 times so far and making it simpler for women to alert law authorities or their loved ones when they are subjected to violence, the app now includes "gender equality" training videos and a Violence Awareness Test. Women are given information on matters such as "Why Gender Equality?", "What is Gender Equality?", "Sex and Gender", "Stereotypes", and "What Can I Do?" in the 1-3 minute training videos. Violence Awareness Test aims to enlighten women on "Psychological Violence", "Physical Violence", "Digital Violence", "Economic Violence", and "Perception of Violence". The recently updated training videos and awareness test are free for "Easy Rescue" users.‍‍

Mr. Hasan Süel, the President of Vodafone Turkey Foundation, stated :

“Violence against women continues being a major problem all over the world. The World Bank describes violence against women as a global epidemic that affects one of 3 women throughout their lives. Our strong belief is that the power of technology can be used to more effectively combat violence against women, which is a severe social issue and major violation of human rights. With the 'Easy Rescue' app we developed keeping this in mind, we make sure that women can easily inform law enforcement agencies or their loved ones when they are exposed to violence. Until today, ’Easy Rescue’ has been downloaded 371,000 times, reaching 1,000 monthly users. We constantly update our app based on user reviews and feedback. We've learned through research that women are not generally aware of the various kinds of violence, so there is a need to increase awareness in this area. We believe that the training videos and Violence Awareness Test that we have integrated into our app will meet this goal. Women who successfully complete the training and test will be able to see what kinds of physical, psychological, economic, and digital violence they have been subjected to, enabling where to apply and take action."

Emergency numbers can be dialed with just one button

The "Easy Rescue" app aims to provide first aid to victims more rapidly and effortlessly, so having a preventative effect. ‍‍ A single click can save up to 3 contacts to be listed in an emergency. ‍‍ Women who have been abused can call their loved ones with a simple click. It can also send an emergency SMS alerting the location and informing that there is a danger. ‍‍ A single-click is enough to call the emergency numbers of Alo 183, 155 Police Emergency, and 156 Gendarmerie and Domestic Violence Emergency Helpline. The app displays the addresses and telephone numbers of the nearest Centers for Prevention and Monitoring Violence, operating under the Family and Social Services Ministry, via the map. Women also have access to information about what can be done if they are exposed to violence. Android users can pin the emergency SMS and call functions to their phone's home screens. They now have a single button to touch whenever they need to access these functions. Visually impaired women can also use the app. The accessibility options of Voice Over for iOS users and Talk Back for Android users have been added to the all functions of Easy Rescue. This new add-on allows reading an item selected by touch and provides voice feedback. You can download the "Easy Rescue" app for free from Apple Store and Google Play.

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