Vodafone Has Brought The Coding Training To Whole Turkey


“Coding Tomorrow” Training Truck has set off under the “Coding Tomorrow” project, which Vodafone Turkey Association has launched in cooperation with Habitat Association, and reached to 3,700 children in 13 cities by traveling more than 6 thousand kilometers in 2018.  

Vodafone Turkey Foundation, which operates with the aim of being the leader of social change and development, continues to develop and expand its “Coding Tomorrow” project launched in cooperation with Habitat Association.  Setting off with the goal to bring coding training to Turkey’s villages and towns within the scope of the project, “Coding Tomorrow” Training Truck has reached to 3,700 children in 13 cities by traveling over 6 thousand kilometers in 2018. 

The cities that “Coding Tomorrow” Training Truck has visited include Tekirdağ, Sinop, Ordu, Sivas, Trabzon, Erzincan, Mardin, Ankara, Gaziantep, Adana, Antalya, İzmir, and Çanakkale. In these cities, where the truck stayed about one week, children between 7-14 of were given 4 hours of coding training in 2 sessions every day. A basic coding program called Scratch is being used in the training which is developed for children by MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), known as the best technical university in the world.

Mentioning that they would like to have a generation that produces and not consume, President of Vodafone Turkey Foundation Dr. Hasan Süel said:

“In order to produce technology, it is necessary to learn coding, which is accepted as the language of the digital world. With our coding training, our children have an idea about programming, work to bring out their creativity, create their own imaginary worlds, and  produce their own games. For them, we are opening the doors of innovative thinking. We have been continuing our project successfully for two years. In this period, we gave coding trainings to more than 25 thousand children. In order to achieve equalopportunity in education, we went on a tour of Anatolia with a training truck to offer this opportunity to the children in socioeconomically disadvantaged regions who have difficulty in accessing coding training. With “Coding Tomorrow” Training Truck we’ve traveled around from village to village and from town to town in order to reach as many children as possible. In 2018, our truck has reached to 3,700 children in 13 cities. We have continued our project with the same excitement since the first day.” 

Habitat Association Chairman Sezai Hazır stated:

“As Habitat Association, we have been carrying out activities in the development areas of social transformation and information for 20 years. We are a non-governmental organization working in the sustainable development field. With ‘Coding Tomorrow’ project, we want to transform put into practice our knowledge-driven transformation through children. Knowing about coding is now as important as literacy. As in all European countries, the biggest obstacle for engaging encoding to the Turkish education system is the lack of trained educators to provide this training. In this regard, we train young people within the scope of our project and they deliver their knowledge to children. With “Coding Tomorrow” Training Truck, we reached the children who could not access these technology training in the disadvantaged areas of our country. We have expanded the realm of our project.”

Target: Reaching 40 thousand children

Children between 7-14 are given coding training all across Turkey with the “Coding Tomorrow” project. Theoretical and practical training sessions are held by volunteer instructors on the subjects of introduction to programming, app making, creating stories and games. Since August 2016, more than 25,000 children in 30 provinces have been reached so far. By the end of April 2019, coding training will be given to another 15 thousand children. Thus, more than 40 thousand children in 60 cities will be acquainted with coding.

Geri Kapat
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