Support Fund To Families Of Martyrs from Vodafone Turkey Foundation And Turkish Red Crescent

The first part of the 1 million TL support fund is transferred to the families of martyrs as an academic achievement grant to support the academic success of the children of martyrs’ families with the cooperation of Vodafone Turkey Foundation and Turkish Red Crescent. The support fund that covers 630 children of martyrs in primary school, high school, and at university is transferred through “Red Crescent Card”, which Red Crescent co-operates with Halkbank.

Carrying out social projects in line with Turkey’s primary needs map, Vodafone Turkey Foundation transferred the first half of the 1 million TL, that is allocated for education out of a total budget of 5 million TL in “Support to Families of Martyrs Fund”, to the families of martyrs in an effort to support them. The first part of the 1 million TL worth of academic achievement grant that is allocated to support the academic achievements of martyrs’ children by Vodafone Turkey Foundation is transferred through “Red Crescent Card”, which is facilitated with the cooperation of Turkish Red Crescent and Halkbank. The rest of the grant will be transferred at the beginning of the second semester of 2017-18 academic year.

The President of Vodafone Turkey Foundation, Hasan Süel, stated that a country’s future is determined by that country’s children, and said:

“It is our common duty to look after our martyrs’ children who were left to us as result of the desperate terror attacks in Turkey. As Vodafone Turkey Foundation, we have allocated 5 million TL in ‘Support to Families of Martyrs Fund’ in order to make a contribution to the futures of martyrs’ families. We will use the 1 million TL of this fund to support the children of martyrs in the upcoming 2017-18 academic year. We will sponsor the academic needs of 630 children of martyrs for 1 year with this fund that we will grant as an academic achievement scholarship in cooperation with Turkish Red Crescent. We have transferred the first half of the support, which we will grant in two parts, to families of martyrs with our partner Turkish Red Crescent as we welcome the new academic year. As Vodafone Turkey Foundation, we will continue to carry out projects that meet our country’s social needs.

The Vice President of Turkish Red Crescent, Dr. Kerem Kınık, reminded that Turkish Red Crescent was founded to help sick and injured soldiers 150 years ago, and asserted:

“The relationship between Turkish Red Crescent and Turkish soldiers is exceptional. Standing with the Turkish Army in all fronts, Turkish Red Crescent has taken great care of the children that our soldiers had trusted us with for 150 years. The trust of our martyrs, who gave their lives while fighting terrorism, or to suppress the traitorous attempt on July 15, is our most valuable asset. In this sense, I care deeply about the cooperation we have with Vodafone Turkey Foundation in easing their distress. Thanks to this cooperation, children of the martyrs, our children, will easily be prepared for the academic year. This is a great joy for us.”

Academic achievement scholarship to 630 students

The academic achievement grant, which has been set as 1 million TL per annum, covers the children who have a family member martyred between July 2015 and July 2017. The academic achievement scholarship is granted under the guidance of Turkish Red Cross, to 630 children identified through the Ministry of Family and Social Policies’ data, in line with the needs map of the children’s academic levels. According to these data, 1.000 TL per annum to 258 primary school students, 1.300 TL per annum to 174 high school students, and 2.600 TL per annum to 198 university students will be granted in the 81 provinces of Turkey. The ages of martyrs’ children who are granted an academic achievement scholarship range between 6-25, while 19-year-olds are granted the biggest sum with 48 students, and 24-year-olds are granted the least with 10 students.

Geri Kapat
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