Dreams Academy

Dreams Academy

We promote social inclusion of people with disabilities helping them overcome barriers through our “art and artists beyond boundaries” approach.

  • An equal & active role in social life through a brand new life journey

    In 2008, Vodafone Turkey Foundation partnered with UNDP and Alternative Life Association to launch the Dreams Academy project aiming to support people with disabilities in overcoming social exclusion and becoming active and productive members of the society through arts.

    As part of the project, we provide a natural education environment supporting self-development of the young people which allows them to build their skills including sharing, recognizing & embracing diversity, problem-solving and creativity.  


Dreams Academy Ataşehir

In Dreams Academy Ataşehir, we offer free arts and cultural classes for disabled and socially disadvantaged young people. We have a wide range of workshops from vocal training to rhythm and dance, from film and photography, to musical instruments, painting and design as well as workshops for promoting self-development and motivation.

Through classes in various fields of arts intended for individuals suffering social exclusion, people with disabilities are encouraged to express themselves through arts and integrate with the society.

Dreams Academy Kaş

Launched in June 2014 in Kaş district of Antalya as the largest accessible living center in Turkey, Dreams Academy Kaş features education, arts, sports and recreation facilities. The Center is located in a 70 year old building, which used to be Çukurbağ Primary school, within a land of 20 thousand square meters and was designed preserving the historical and natural characteristics of the area.

Dreams Academy Kaş is open all year round to support social integration and improve living standards of the people with disabilities through activities carried out in the company of the volunteers from all around Turkey.

Dreams Academy Kaş also stands out as a sustainable village as well as an accessible living space. People with disabilities can enjoy all sorts of nature activities available in the Mediterranean region. They can develop themselves through a wide range of activities from water sports to ecological agriculture in addition to social and artistic training courses.


Dreams Kitchen

Our culinary academy where delicious pastries are baked since 2012.

Dreams Academy is a social enterprise where training workshops are held and attendees with differing disabilities are given the opportunity to gain professional skills and provide catering services. Proceeds from sales are re-invested to reach out to and employ more disadvantaged young people.

Dreams Kitchen has a rich variety of pastries from sweet and salty cookies to cakes as well as fat-free, flourless and sugar-free products encouraging healthy living.


Arts on camera.

D-Film group shoots videos, movie clips and photos and makes their services available to businesses.

Social Inclusion Band

Our music band comprised of talented graduates of the Dreams Academy music workshops and volunteering professional musicians.

Social Inclusion Band consisting of talented graduates of Dreams Academy music workshops and volunteering musicians joins professional musicians such as Cahit Berkay, Babazula, Baki Duyarlar, Bengü, Baran Say to perform on stage in well-known venues and festivals hosted by Vodafone.

Their limited-release debut album “From Dreams to Stars” (2011) is a major testimony to their high quality music.
Dreams Academy
Unveiling abilities and potentials of the people with disabilities, Dreams Academy has become the pioneer and the showcase of a new era by supporting company employees to put their most pleasant, sincerest, best efforts against the monster that is the consumption economy, which consumes individuals too. Dreams Kitchen, as one of the best examples of non-profit social business models... Social Inclusion Band representing one of the most visible examples with the strongest message about inclusion, equal opportunities, and employment for people with disabilities... Dreams Academy providing more sophisticated educational opportunities in contrast to the dead-end employment opportunities that are reduced to trivial jobs such as clothespin assembly, stringing beads and shoe cover making; an academy with instructors who are visually or hearing impaired, instructors who use wheelchairs; an academy that uses arts to facilitate reintegration the people who have been excluded because of their disabilities... A 10-year journey... Easier said than done, 365 days multiplied by 10 years... A challenging and proud social change journey that made history through a private sector and NGO partnership seeking to achieve a brand new life model... Yes, an accessible, equal life is not a utopia; we all know that now. It’s more than possible! Thanks to everyone who have shared this journey with us...
Ercan Tutal
Alternative Life Association / Founding Chairman of the Board
Geri Kapat
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